Fire watch guard – services

Fire is one of the most unexpected threats which can destroy property and people at any workplace and you have to be prepared and vigilant all the time to prevent accidents. Visit this page: Fire Watch Guards

What our patrolling means to your business

Our fire watch special teams are trained to identify fire hazards and deal with them. Our Fire watch guards follow fire marshal and state protocols. Our officers will ensure

  • Patrolling the entire facility of the client 24/7
  • Identify safety concerns
  • Report such concerns immediately
  • Keep a log of fire watch activities
  • Keep all exits and walkways clear
  • Keep one mode of immediate communication with the fire department ready

Fire emergencies can happen at places where there is no fire protective equipment or when there is a malfunction of such equipment. Though fires can destroy properties in little time, they can be effectively managed with the help of trained Fire watch Guards.

Need for a Fire watch Guard

When you need a fire watch officer, the best option would be to hire a licensed and trained security service company.

  • Our staff has the required skills training specifically for fire watch.
  • We have additional standby guards who can respond to last-minute needs.
  • Our staff is trained to provide 24/7 fire watch service.
  • Fire watch guards can meet the legal requirements and standards of the local government to be appointed as fire watch guards.

The necessity of a Fire Watch Patrol Service

Fire watch patrol is required in the following instances

  • Malfunctions of fire safety equipment like broken or faulty fire sprinklers and alarms.
  • The water pipe system shut down for repairs.
  • Increased risk of fire because of chemicals, toxic waste, or flammable material.
  • Malfunctioning of the Control system.
  • Malfunctioning of burglar alarm.
  • Construction sites where there is no fire prevention or safety equipment available yet.
  • In rare cases, power failure because of natural disasters.

Increased security service

Our services would include Emergency services, flood control, and natural disaster access control

Our emergency service can provide an immediate response to medical emergencies as well. They can give first aid and CPR in case of emergency.

We can also provide security services in addition to your Flood control plan. We can assist you with a flood control plan as well to minimize damages.

In case of natural disasters, we can assist you with services to prevent looters from taking advantage of the crisis.

Hiring a trained guard at our Security service, we can provide you with efficient officers. All of our employees are well-trained to administer proper fire watch duties, record daily activity reports/logs, and protect your property.

We are looking forward to providing the best safety services to our valuable clients.