4 Things to Know About the Lifestyle in Monrovia, California

Monrovia is associated with some of the biggest names in America. It’s the current home of three-time Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode, 2011 Nobel Prize recipient Thomas J. Sargent, former Hollywood actor Jacob Smith, and professional NPF player Ian Johnson, to name a few. Monrovia sits on the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles, California. Currently, it houses the headquarters of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune newspaper company and the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Hence, it’s a fantastic place to work and live. But before you make the move, here are four things to know about the lifestyle in Monrovia, California:   

Monrovians Are Committed to a High Quality of Life

Monrovians are all about living a good life. The locals are committed to quality education, decent housing, good health care, well-paying jobs, and work-life balance. The City isn’t as densely populated as most cities in California but enjoys a small population size of 37,931 as of the 2020 Census that understands and embraces the Monrovian quality of living.

For those who are looking to escape the urban sprawl, where there’s competition for suitable houses and accessibility to quality education, health care, and satisfying jobs, Monrovia offers the perfect escape.   

A Car is Almost a Necessity in Monrovia

Monrovia generally has a low walk score and bike score. That means most residents don’t bike or work to work and often depend on cars for commuting. You’ll most likely need a car to run your errands in and out of town, making it an almost necessity.

Though Metro–Los Angeles provides public transport in Monrovia, only 11 bus stops exist, and they aren’t enough for short commutes and errands. A personal car, however, makes a big difference as the roads are well-developed and less busy.   

Monrovians Are Outdoor-Active

Any day spent outdoors in Monrovia is always fun-filled and memorable once you know where to catch the action. The Monrovia Canyon Park, for example, is fantastic for those who adore nature walks, bird watching, and outdoor photography.

The Big Santa Canyon, on the other hand, offers an incredible trail path to the peak of Mount Wilson. In contrast, the Library Park provides the best picnic spot after a tiring day. Meanwhile, you can take kids to Kiwanis Park to walk down the long rainbow staircases and later to the Monrovia Farmers’ Market for the freshest delicacy.

Monrovia Has a Vibrant Art and Music Culture

Monrovian art and music culture is quite rich and has been so since the days of the legendary vocalists Mary Ford and Kenny Baker, the iconic screenwriter Don Mankiewicz, and the unapologetic author Upton Sinclair. Today, the Fabulous Wonder Twins and Scott Land, the puppeteer, rule the entertainment industry. They epitomize what true American art is all about.

Ready to Experience the Monrovia Lifestyle?

There’s just no better way to do it than living there. If so, Nicola Speranta of Speranta Group can help identify ideal homes for sale in Monrovia, California, and quickly move in. Call her or visit the company website to schedule a one-on-one appointment to share your home needs, preferences, and expectations!